It makes me Happeez.

I have had this major cleaning/organization frenzy going on in my house for the past week.  If I were pregnant (which I am NOT) I would be certain that I was nesting.  The closets are not only cleaned & decluttered – they are color coded, I have delivered bags of junk useful books & toys to friends, and I even saw Molly (you know, the American Girl Doll) stuffed in a trash bag.  Yeah.  Serious cleaning.  If you want it….you better hide it.  I have bags packed and waiting for the charity truck to come pick everything up on Friday.  After the dust settles and I have a beautiful streamlined abode I like to add in the fun stuff.  I fell in love with a line of products called Happeez.  They have a great line of magnets, notepads, picture frames and more that stick to any surface.  I know some of you lucky souls have stainless appliances – but you do complain about not being able to put magnets on the front of your fridge….Happeez will stick to it! The best part is that you can move them over and over again…if they start to lose their grip just wipe them with glass cleaner and they will start sticking again!   The graphics that they offer are awesome – you will find something for every little nook & crany of your house.  I put a clipper on my window frame above my kitchen sink to hold recipes…..

clipAnother clipper on the mirror in my dining room to hold a cute little photo…

clip1A note pad went in my car….

clip2I completely beautified my refrigerater and framed a few pictures using Happeez…

clip3They have so much to choose from and everything is very inexpensive….go ahead, make yourself Happeez.  I just did.


March 16, 2009. Review, shopping.


  1. Angela replied:

    Ummmmm……do ya know how much those American Girl dolls are worth these days?? Ya could have sold it to make some extra cash to buy your new finds!! 🙂

    • katyshops replied:

      I know! I gave it to a little 4 year old and made her day….sometimes it is just easier to give it away (and put a smile on someones face) than to try to sell it. I really do need to think about at least having a garage sale though.

  2. CONCEPT 2 ROWing machine replied:

    Extraordinarily well written blog post!!

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