Tried it Tuesday – iGo

How many cell phones have you had in the past few years?  How many Nintendo DS chargers have your children  lost?  Do you have a drawer that is filled with tangled charger cords?  When you go out of town do you take a million different chargers with you?  Not anymore!  The iGo everywhere universal wall and auto power charger will solve all of your woes.  This is what you get in your package:

  • Wall (AC) unit – this allows you to charge your devices from an outlet
  • Auto (DC) unit – this allows you to charge while in your car
  • Retractable cord – No more tangles!!  You just pull out as much cord as you need and it springs back in when you are done.
  • Travel Organizer – Keeps all of the above plus your tips (more on the tips later) in one little pouch.

Next you need to pick out your tips.  The tips fit into the iGo to enable it to charge any device that you have.  You see where I am going with this?  You only need ONE charger and you can keep every gadget that you own fully charged.  I have tips for my cell phone, bluetooth, iPod, GPS, and our Nintendo DS.  You can get them for everything including digital cameras and PDA’s.   So you simply take out either your wall or auto charger insert the proper tip for the device you want to charge  and start juicing your gadget up- thats it.  Easy.  Genius.  Perfect.  Did I forget to mention that it also charges 8 times faster than  normal chargers?  Yeah, it does.  This has to be one of the best things that I have seen in a long time.  Anything that makes life easier and keeps me from getting frustrated gets my seal of approval.  Thanks iGo for making my life a lot easier.



February 17, 2009. Review, shopping.

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