Speed Dating

We took Winnie to our local dog park yesterday to meet some new friends.  She was quite the “player” and most definitely sniffed the most dog butts out of all of the canines.  It reminded me of speed dating…they take a quick sniff and decide if it is true love.  If not they move on to the next one.  The funny thing is that her favorite dogs that she met were all dachshunds like her.  I guess she is kinda snobby.  The humans at the park crack me up – they act the same way as parents on the playground with their kids.  Proud, braggy, and protective.  Of course Winnie was all dolled up for her day at the park.  Winnie loves new things and she joined us here to today to share a few picks with you….100_0093

She always wears her Bella Bean cupcake collar when she wants to impress. French pink of course.

dogShe always knows that she is going somewhere when we pull out her Bowchies Bag.  We call it her purse.  We keep all of her traveling things in here – poo bags, collar, leash, travel water bowl.  It even has room for my things too.

dog1That travel water dish?  Winnie has a red one.  This is the one that she wishes she had.

dog2And why not go for the matching food bag?

dogAt the end of the day all Winnie wants to do is go home and play with her very favorite toy.  Mr. Bobo.  We have gone through so many of these – pink ones, Santa ones, giant ones, teeny ones…you name it, she destroyed it.  In the picture above of her you can actually see some of poor Mr. Bobo’s stuffing sticking out of her mouth.



February 16, 2009. shopping.

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  1. Loretta replied:

    gotta love Winnie.

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