I refuse to hibernate any longer!

Seriously…it was sunny & snowing yesterday! I am so sick of the cold weather we have had this year. It is the end of March…we should be sunburned by now! I am going to break the cycle of cold weather by writing about my favorite Spring weather activity…GRILLING OUT. I love to have people over to grill out, hang out, and partake in a few adult beverages. I am a huge fan of the Donny Deutsch show The Big Idea. I often find out about great new products to share with you by watching this show. My favorite companies that I write about are the small guy (or gal) who thought of a really great idea that solves a common problem. I really want these small companies to do well…I am always rooting for them. I am so impressed with people who can take that leap of faith and risk everything just to bring their “big idea” to market. One of the companies that he had on a while back was called Grill Charms. While researching the product I ended up really liking the inventor Leslie Haywood. She is one determined chick! She is a mommy, a wife, a breast cancer survivor, and now an inventor! One night while sitting down to eat at a dinner party that she was hosting her husband served her a piece of super hot & spicy Jamaican Jerk chicken instead of one of the mild pieces that he had grilled too. He simply forgot which piece was which. She decided right then that there had to be a way to determine what was what on the grill. From her brilliance came Grill Charms. Grill Charms are for meat what wine charms are to glasses…they identify who it belongs to. Each charm is about the size of a dime and made out of solid stainless steel. You stick them in the meat before grilling to identify spices, flavors, and cooking temperatures. I use mine all of the time – I like my burgers very rare and my friend Kristen likes her burnt I mean well-done. I don’t want to get stuck eating her burger and she would never want to eat mine 🙂 They stay put throughout all of the grilling and flipping and leave no confusion when it comes to serving! You can choose the seasoning charm kit or the steak kit. One is for spice options and the other is for temperature differences. You can buy a set of six for under $20 or individual charms for $4. What a great idea!! These are going to be awesome this year for all of my burger bashes! I also think they would make a great hostess or housewarming gift.


March 25, 2008. cooking, shopping.


  1. Carrie replied:

    Oh my gosh, I just bought a set of these. We love sausage with peppers and onions at my house but I like my mild and my husband likes the HOT sausage. Once I start cooking, I never could tell which was which. NOW, Grill Charms has fixed that problem for me. I even bought sets for gifts for some of my relatives .. they all love the Grill Charms!!

  2. Kim replied:

    Yes, this is an AWESOME invention from an AWESOME person! We use them often, and I’ve given them as gifts to many people who have all had rave reviews for Grill Charms. Definitely a must have if you like to grill!

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