You know who you are!

I have been enjoying running along the great paths at our new city park. I love the fact that there are all kinds of kids and dogs to look at as I run around the loop. BUT…some of the dogs owners could use this


And some of the mommies & daddies could use this


You know who you are!

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Free Stuff

Free Bodycology products!

Breakfast anyone? On Tuesday, February 12th, IHOP is giving away free shortstacks between 7am and 10am, in an effort to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Though a donation is not required to participate in National Pancake Day, this is a great way to give AND receive at the same time!

2008 National Pancake Day

Get your free subscription to Homemade Magazing by sending an email with your name and mailing address to

Free Slim Fast Kit! Free Yoplait Kids Coupon. Free full size bottle of Pine-Sol cleaner. Free Goosberrypatch cookbook. Send a free sample of Clinique Happy to someone and they will include a personalized message with it (great for Valentines Day).

Have a great day!!


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Yummy Tees

I love the Food Tee’s from Diet Detective! The graphics are adorable and the sayings are even better! This one has a carrot and says “Bite Me”


I like this one…


Or this….


And my favorite…


They have a bunch (get it) more on their site…you can get tee’s, bags, and much more!


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Like Old Navy is to Gap…

You know how Old Navy is owned by Gap? It is kinda like a cheaper version of Gap. Other companies do this to. Like Crazy8 – they are owned by Gymboree. Right now they are having a HUGE clearance sale and offering free shipping! Go Crazy.

On another note…how do you feel about men using concealer? I actually have never given it a thought…until now. Did you know Clinique makes a concealer just for men? I found it kinda funny! I don’t think Mike would never use this…maybe some men are actually looking for things to carry in their man bags? Is it a yay or nay? You decide.




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Let’s get cooking..

I’ve decided that the only way that I can become motivated to train for the ING Half Marathon in March is to gain weight. Yep. If I gain weight I will have more incentive to run…so I can lose the weight that I gained. I know, my mind works in really weird ways, but hey…gaining weight will probably be fun! I stumbled across a great web site for recipes the other day (and they don’t look low fat to me). The Pioneer Woman cooks is awesome! Her pictures are beautiful, her recipes oh-so yummy, and she is quite entertaining to boot! Check out the Marlboro man sandwich recipe…I know that would help me pack on a few pounds 🙂

Of course my favorite foodie website is Faye Food. She has a way with words (and food). Sometimes I feel like I just ate something really good after reading her blog! Read it…you will love it!

Well, I’m off to eat something that will make me feel extremely guilty so I feel compelled to run it off 🙂

P.S. (Riley loves to use P.S) – Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

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Crack Kills!

Jeans and pants are getting lower. I find it hard to wear many of my older shirts with my newer low rise pants. In our family we call each other out when one of us bends over and shows to much by yelling out “Crack Kills”. Now I can’t help my husband out (we often catch a peek of his crack while he is stoking the fire) but I can help out all of the women of the world. I received two amazing products to review that solves this very problem! Muffin top no more…

Hip-T and Blush Topless Undershirt are two of my favorite new products. Both products do an excellent job of creating the look of having a shirt layered underneath your real shirt. The result is a comfy band of fabric that stays in place and will not expose your panties (or crack). Let me tell you a little more about each product:

  • Hip-T– “Don’t let your style fall through the crack”. I love that! They define their product as stretch fabric hip wrap worn over your jeans, and under your shirt: create sassy layers without the t-shirt tangle and prevent rear view sneak peeks. I couldn’t have said it better – that is exactly what it does. I found the Hip-T’s to be high quality and offered in 9 different styles/colors. They have solids, patterns, and some really cute lace trimmed options. They retail for $19.95 – a bargain! Honestly, you will wear these day after day. I found the Hip-T’s to be much shorter than the Blush Topless Undershirts. Mine was about 7 inches long. This is neither a good thing or a bad thing…it simply depends on how tall you are, and how high/low you would like your layer to be and how far you want it to peek out. It is simply a matter of taste, size, need. The Hip-T is 92% cotton and 8% spandex.
  • Blush Topless Undershirt – “helps adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly.” A perfect way to say it all! They describe their product as a tube top to worn around the waist. That is exactly what it is! The Blush undershirt is longer than the Hip-T, comes in 14 different colors and 3 patterns, and is available for pregnant women as well as everyone else. As I stated above, the Blush is longer than the Hip-T. Mine is about 14 inches long. Their product retails for $15 – another great bargain for a necessary product! The Topless Undershirt is made out of a polyester/rayon/spandex blend and will not shrink.
I can’t pick a favorite…I love them both. Look at their websites for the colors offered. Decide if you would like one longer (Blush) or shorter(Hip-T). Do you want lace? A certain pattern? They both are super soft and come in a great little carry/storage case. They are both great products solving a major problem for women. The next time you bend over just think to yourself…CRACK KILLS.

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Making it stick!

I was busy yesterday hanging a few pictures around the house. I seem to be more motivated to use my hammer now that I have my own Ladies Tool Kit -(This is not your ordinary tool kit! This is a 57 piece set of pink tools in a hard pink case!! They also have a soft case version. I love having tools that are my own….not Mikes! The case is cute enough to have handy – I don’t have to hide it away in the basement. That means my tools are always within reach…no more wooden spoons, high heeled shoes or butter knives for my jobs.) ! I love pulling it out to tackle my own projects!!


You know how one project seems to lead to another? I decided to straighten and re-wax all of the pictures going up my stairwell. I’m sure most of you are scratching your head right now and thinking “what is re-wax?”. I use Museum Wax (sometimes called earthquake wax) to keep all of my pictures straight. I have only ever purchased on .50 gram jar of this amazing stuff and I have had it forever. You only need a teeny tiny bit and you can reuse the wax. I don’t live in an earthquake zone….I have kids. Kids can recreate the effects of an earthquake just by walking up a flight of stairs.


BTW…I just I finished reading Running with Scissors by By Augusten Burroughs. This is an extremely weird book…the scary part is that it is a memoir! Has anyone read this? If so, did you find it disturbing? Have you seen the movie? Just wondering.

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I don’t have very many freebies today…I have been very busy researching something very exciting for you!! I can’t tell you what it is yet…but it will top all of my Wednesday freebies.

Free Glad Microwave steam bags.

Okay, I know this one isn’t exactly free..but I thought it was worth mentioning. Buy $15 worth of any Dove beauty product, pay $3.99 for shipping and handling, fill out this form and receive a really cute bag filled with product samples.

Free Coffee Mate coupon (only if you didn’t get free coffee mate in 2007).

Get free stuff when you join the Stubbs Club (coozies, toothpick holders, coupons).

Free car air freshener. It is a creeping looking skull thingy.


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New uses for old things…

One of the first things I noticed last week when I came home from my trip to Disney was that my shower looked brand new! I have a shower insert and it has a textured bottom. Even when the entire shower was clean the textured part never looked like it did the day we moved into the house. It does now! I was floored! I asked my husband how he made it so clean and shiny. Oven cleaner. Yep. Oven cleaner. He sprayed it on, let it sit, and then rinsed it off. He said that he made certain to not get it on any of the metal parts of the shower. There you have it. Oven cleaner.


That really inspired me…what other products can you use for something other than the normal application? Did you know that Listerine can cure acne? Dab a little on…wait for it to disappear. Alberto V05 can be used to clean your plant leaves. You can use Alka Seltzer tablets to clean your jewelry. Drop the tablets in a glass of water and immerse your jewels for about 2 minutes. If you clean your shower door with a used Bounce sheet it will dissolve soap scum. If you nick yourself while shaving dab on some ChapStick – it will stop the bleeding. You can keep your costume jewelry from tarnishing by keeping a piece of chalk in your jewelry box. I use teething gel numb my kids fingers before removing a splinter.

Here is the BEST substitution ever….(I can’t even take credit for it, it is from So Frugalicious ). I love Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer. It is amazing. It is also expensive – $36!! Did you know that Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel is made from the same ingredients?! It is basically the same thing…the SmashBox has a little more fru-fru extracts. Here is the breakdown…

Ingredient comparison:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Smashbox photo finish (original): Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Isopropylparaben, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, Carthamus Tinctorium (Safflower) Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera(Grape) Seed Extract, Cola Acuminata Seed Extract, Propylene Glycol, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Water.

Monistat Soothing Care
Dimethicone 1.2%(silicone), cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone/vinyl dimethiconecrosspolymer, silica, tocopheryl acetate, trisilox

It will smooth out your pores and create a flawless makeup application. All of this for only $6.50. And don’t get all grossed out…the Monistat Soothing Care is not a yeast infection medication!! The other plus is that you can pick it up at any drugstore!


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Snow + Ice= YUM

There is nothing better than a snowfall in the South! Don’t get me wrong…its not the best snow in the world (I’m from Chicago…now that is good snow)…it is how the people react when it snows. Everybody is outside enjoying the winter wonderland! You see neighbors that you haven’t seen in a while, tiny little snowmen made from the entire front yard of snow, and empty grocery store shelves. It is so fun! Here at the KatyShops house we have been alternating between playing outside and warming ourselves up in the kitchen. We have made chili, nachos (actually nacho spuds), oatmeal cookies, hot chocolate, brownies….yeah you get the idea…junk food! Has anyone tried the new offerings from Dunkin’ Donuts? Milky Way Hot Chocolate!  Paired with the new M&M donut…its is a candy land breakfast!


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