Christmas at KatyShops – Part 1 Electronics

I hope everyone had a super wonderful Christmas. The KatyShops house was in hog heaven with all of our new perfumes, outfits, electronics, and good old fashioned board games. We were so blessed and fortunate…we love everything we received! Here are a few of our electronic favorites:

  • Buzz! Game for PS2 – This is an awesome trivia game for the ps2. It comes with 4 buzzers (just like a real game show). The questions are varied in subject and difficulty. From TV to science…you never know! I love a game that kids and adults can play together. Our family has really enjoyed playing this game together.
  • VidsterSanta gave Riley a Vidster! This is a really neat toy (if you can even call it a toy). She can take either Video or Pictures with this nifty little camera and download them to her computer. Thats where the fun begins…editing and creating movies. She can email the videos, put them on a dvd, or play them right on the TV. She has become quite the Scorsese!
  • Ipod Nano – Maddie received the new Ipod Nano. I know…unless you live under a huge rock you have heard all about this newest Apple product. Have you seen the picture on one of these? I was so impressed! She downloaded some videos, movies, and a few episodes of Gossip Girls. This tiny little screen is amazing. The picture is super crisp and clear…almost like Hi-Def…only mini. What a cool little contraption!
  • Garmin Forerunner 305 – Wow. Really. Wow! Mike gave me this amazing gadget to make my running super high tech. How do they make something that small do so many cool things? I used it yesterday and am hooked. While I was running it showed how long I was running, how far I was running, and what my pace was. It even beeped at me when my pace dipped below a time that I set up. It was so easy to use, grabbed satellites with amazing speed, and graphed my entire run…genius! It even told me how many calories I burned! Thank you Mike…I love it!
  • Sing Star 80’s – I knew I would have no problem belting out Tainted Love by Soft Cell. The real surprise came Christmas Night when my neighbor Justin and I rocked out an amazing version of Run DMC’s It’s Tricky! We impressed ourselves with our off the hook rapping skills. We plan on using this as our secret weapon for a New Year’s Eve sing off!! Everybody knows what a HUGE fan I am of all of the SingStar games…this one brings me right back to Geneva High School…circa 1986 with songs like 99 Red Balloons , Rio by Duran Duran (I love you Simon), and the ever popular (and creepy) Do you really want to hurt me by Culture Club. My girls were watching the video while we were singing it and at the end asked us if he was a boy or a girl. Funny!
Thats what we are plugged into this week….

December 27, 2007. shopping. 3 comments.