Its too late for internet orders…

With only a few days until Christmas you have officially passed the deadline for ordering online (unless you want to triple the price of your gift and ship it one day). Don’t fret…I still have some tricks up my sleeve…..

  • Contigo Mug I am in love with the Contigo Auto Seal Mugs! You simply press a button to sip, and release it to seal. This will not leak or spill at all. It also fits nicely in virtually all car cup holders. You can find these mugs at your local Target starting at $13.49. They are on sale this week! These are great looking, super engineered, affordable travel mugs. What a great gift idea for a teacher, bus driver, or any java junkie!



  • Table Topics Conversation starters. I love these boxes of questions. Our family loves to take turns answering these thought provoking cards. The cubes contain cards in one of 8 themed boxes. I love the Girls Night Out box….it can get pretty funny when paired with a glass of wine! You can also choose from Original, Family, Teen, Couples, Spirit, Book Club, and Gourmet. Each box retails for $25.00. They come in an acrylic cube that looks great on your coffee table. The Topics To Go are great for stocking stuffers. Each $9.00 Box is a mini travel version of the original cubes. Why not pack the Kids box away in your glove box. You might just learn something about your kids at the next stoplight. My favorite product from this line is the Journal Topics. Did you ever want to keep a journal but didn’t quite know what to write about? Each page has a starter question at the top. Genius! At only $12 each you will create memories worth millions. You can search for a store in your area here. You can input your zip code and find the nearest location. Many Hallmark Gold stores nationwide carry them. Locally you can visit Casabella to pick up a set.



  • Bodum Chocolate Jug Make your chocolate milk the best that it can be! The Bodum Hot Chocolate Jug has unique blender qualities. You will get perfectly blended chocolate milk with a touch of froth on the top. The jug can be stored in the refrigerator for ice cold chocolate milk anytime. Kids will have a blast spinning the stirring rod to mix up their own chocolate milk. What a fun and useful gift for $29.95. I found these at World Market the other day.



  • Cappuccino Mug Set by Design Room I love this adorable set of little cappuccino mugs. Each mug is perfectly sized for a cup of coffee or Espresso from a Senseo machine. They nestle in a cool metal steel caddy. Beauty and function working together again! Locally these are available at Heliotrope Home in Decatur. Each set retails for $32.00. How cute would these look on your counter top (I mean…your recipients counter top)?
  • Chuck-it – Don’t forget your favorite furry friends! My Lab Cindy received a chuck-it for Christmas and not only does she looove it…we do too! The Chuck-It is a tennis ball launcher that allows the person throwing the ball to easily pick up the ball without touching it. Have you ever picked up a tennis ball after it has been in a Lab’s mouth? Gross. I can’t tell you how happy my family & friends are now that we own the Chuck-It. You can choose from the original Chuck-It or many other options including a mini Chuck-It…might be nice for Winnie. The Ultra Chuck-It balls are so much better than a traditional tennis ball…they bounce, are easily wiped clean, and last forever. Don’t tell Cindy but this year she is getting the flying squirrel. A fun little squirrel shaped disc that flies through the air just like the critters in our backyard. You can find all of these products at many pet stores as well as at your local Wal Mart.
  • Shemergency Survival Kit – The perfect gift for your Best Girlfriend! This little zippered bag packs a lot of punch. Inside you will find everything needed to conquer every emergency. Hair brush, mirror, hair spray, hair elastics, earring backs, hand lotion, nail clippers, emery boards, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, sewing kit, double-sided tape, safety pin, lint remover, shoe shine wipes, stain remover, static remover, breath freshener, lip balm, dental floss, pain reliever, deodorant wipes, tampon, bandages, and tissues. Whooh. They thought of everything. Did I mention that it comes in a super cute silver bag? I can’t tell you how many times I have saved the day (or night) by pulling out my Shemergency Kit. I keep mine in my car…I am always prepared! Give this gift to someone and they will think of you every time they use it. This great little gift is only $20. You can find it locally at:
Entebello, LLC - Atlanta  404-477-2933
Lola's Boutique, Alpharetta  770-649-0649
Chickweeds - Norcross  770-582-0820
Whatever!  - Evans  706-228-3626
Simply Southern - Eatonton  706-343-1001
Have a great Christmas! I will be giving away 5 Become Beauty Lip Treatments tomorrow…each one retails for $19. Stop by and enter my special Christmas contest!!

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