Wednesday is for free…

Are you tuckered out from running all over town to load up on free batteries at CVS? Here are a few freebies that you can get in the comfort of your own home…

Free Senseo Tea Pods. Enter Code 8288-8781588.  Do you have a Senseo Coffee Maker yet?  Get one free ($15 S&H) along with coffee and a pod storage container at Senseo.  I have owned one of these systems for years now and I would never go back to a traditional coffee maker!  I love it.

Free Coke Zero Sample…you can sue them for “taste confusion”. File your claim today.

Free Leaf Painting. ??

Free Christmas song downloads from top artists.

I know the freebies this week are bleak…but don’t forget about the free batteries I told you about yesterday. To make it up to you I am going to be giving away a special Christmas present to 5 of my viewers on Friday. This is a special Christmas gift from KatyShops & Become Beauty….I will share the details soon….

Tune into radio Thursday tomorrow on KICKS 101.5 – I am going to be sharing some last minute gift ideas that you can buy in a brick & mortar store! Face it, you have waited to long to use the internet for gifts….

December 19, 2007. Free. Leave a comment.