One week to go…stock up on batteries!

I know everyone has been busy shopping, wrapping & baking. Did you remember to get batteries? Mike usually runs out on Christmas Eve to get us all stocked up…not this year. Right now CVS has Energizer Max batteries on sale for $5.29 – each packet of batteries has a $1.00 off coupon on the front of the package. Now they are $4.29. Click here to print out a $5.00 off coupon for Energizer Max battery packages. Now you have just made 71 cents. They won’t actually give you the change…just pick out some gum or something. The coupon is good until 12/23. You have to have a CVS care card to use the coupon. I signed up for one online – just let the cashier know that you signed up for one and she can use your phone number at check out instead of your Care Card number. I have been carrying these coupons with me, every time I drive past a CVS I swing in and pick up two packages of batteries (and a few packs of Orbit). Make sure you stock up!


December 18, 2007. Free, great offer, shopping. 1 comment.