Books I should own.

I think I have a lot to learn. I think I should start reading books that will actually teach me something.

The Nancy Drew Handbook will actually help you be as sleuthful as the original diva of crime fighting. Forget CSI…I want to learn how to tap out a morse code message with my high heels! Or how about her tips on packing your handbag for every emergency? Bring it Nancy!


The Daring Book for Girls. Need I say more? Here I can learn how to do the perfect cartwheel, send secret notes, or find out the eternal mystery of what boys are thinking. kit4.jpg

While I’m picking out books for myself I might as well get this little read for Winnie. Maybe we can start our own doggy book club. I might have to tear out the section on how to make your owner look like an idiot before I give it to her! She really needs to read up on the rules of fetch…


The Book of General Ignorance may help me win a few arguments. I can see it now…”Duh, camels store fat in their humps not water”


Why do Men Have Nipples? Okay…I don’t know. Better put this book on my list. Oh yeah, it will also tell you why old ladies grow beards. Good to know.


The Cocktail Party Cheatsheats – sound like a genius at any social gathering got me excited. Me, a genius? Sign me up!


Okay…I’m off to learn something!

Happy Birthday Riley!!!!!!!!!!


December 17, 2007. shopping. 2 comments.