Radio Thursday – Presents for Mom , Dad, and everyone!!

You probably have the kid’s presents pretty figured out by now…have you thought about your Mom, Dad, or spouse?? Ooops…you better find something! Here I am to help!

For Everyone

  • Soothing Environments DVD This is really cool! These DVDs transform your TV into a moving work of art. Face it, TVs are getting bigger…they don’t look so great when they are off. Pop in this DVD and you can relax oceanside! These actually relax and calm you. What a great gift idea for someone who works hard! You can even fall asleep to it or with the built in timer wake up to the relaxing sound of the ocean. This will turn your big tv into a beautiful work of art. What a mood lift for anyone’s spirit. $19.99



  • Soft Star Shoes Have you ever envied the soft little shoes that babies wear? Soft Star Shoes makes super comfy soft soled moccasins and slippers. I have a brown suede pair that I just love! The have sheepskin on the inside and are really soft on the outside. The bottom has some treads to keep me up! You can get them for babies, kids, men, and women in about every color you can imagine. You can even create your own pair. I know you have someone on your list that would love these!




  • Thumb Thing You won’t find a more useful gift for $3.49 than this! The Thumb Thing is a little piece of plastic that fits over your thumb and holds the pages of a book down for reading…you can read with one hand! Two little plastic wings ensure that your book stays open. You could spend a lot of time at Spoon Sisters looking at all of their unique gifts…it is one of my favorite sites!





  • For the ladies

  • Cha Cha BellaNot only do I love the Cha Cha Bella rings because they are beautiful….Our friend Kristen Gates has designed a ring for Cha Cha Bella! Her ring is a beautiful shimmering mound of Swarovski crystals that looks absolutely stunning. The high quality crystals (at least 30 of them) are set on a nice thick sterling silver band. The best thing about the Kristen Gates ring is that a portion of the proceeds from every ring purchased will go to The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This is a cause that is very dear to Kristen as well as all of the KICKS crew. I get compliments every time I wear my Kristen ring!!




  • Ladies Tool Kit – This is not your ordinary tool kit! This is a 57 piece set of pink tools in a hard pink case!! They also have a soft case version. I love having tools that are my own….not Mikes! The case is cute enough to have handy – I don’t have to hide it away in the basement. That means my tools are always within reach…no more wooden spoons, high heeled shoes or butter knives for my jobs. My husband was amazed the first few times I came walking into the room with my pink tool kit…he was even more amazed when I solved the problem using one of the tools! They have many, many kits available as well as tool belts and books…..this is a gift that will be used over and over again!




  • Dillon Rogers BraceletPersonalized leather bracelets! These are so cute…and unique. They can put so much onto each bracelet…you just have to decide what you would like it to say. Favorite saying? Pet name? Kids names? Special Date? Favorite quote? You don’t get more personalized than that! Next choose your color (they have lots of great colors to choose from) and your font (again….lots & lots). They start at $55 and will be the talk of the Christmas season for anyone who finds this in their stocking!


For him

  • Slimmy Wallet – A wallet so skinny he can put it in his front pocket! This means better security and faster draw! It also will make his behind smaller…no bulgy wallet obstructing the view. They offer all kinds of wallet options from leather to plastic. The sport wallet is really great for travelers – it can hook to your pants or bag..nobody will be able to snatch it! This is a great idea…and a great gift. Only $29.95



  • Black and Tan Turtle Last year I tried to impress Mike and his buddies by making them “black & tans”. This is a drink made with two kinds of beer and layering them in the glass. Rachael Ray used a spoon to make her black and tans…it looked simple. Simple it was not! I served the boys a mottled mix of dark and light lager…not very appetizing! The Black and Tan Turtle is a little metal turtle that sits on the top of your glass. You simply pour the beer over the little guy to create the perfect black and tan. His head even doubles as a bottle opener. Give this little guy with a few six packs of lager and you will have a happy man at your house!


  • Urban Tool SlotBar This is a super hip “gadget bag”. You know…a man bag! It is soft, looks hip, and has pockets for everything. Imagine your guy having a place (other than your purse) for his iPod, camera, PDA, keys, wallet, sunglasses, pen…you name it. There are specific pockets for everything. It even has a removable Key jojo. He can fill it up and wear it like a conventional sling or put it around his hips. You can choose from 3 colors – Black, mudd (brown) and Mangrove (blue). I think every man should have one of these!


Bonus…super duper stocking stuffers!!

  • Flipper Toothbrush Holder – Fun colors and animals…these cuties have a purpose! They will keep your tooth brush clean and sanitary. A bunch of function & fun for starting at only $3.99



  • Soap Rolls Round cylinders of soap in fun scents and fun colors! My personal favorite is the tangerine. The cylinder shape makes it easy for kids to wash…they don’t waste as much soap. The fun scents double the fun! Only $2 each!!



  • Ouchies Bandages – The best bandages on earth!! Super cool & super creative. Their motto is “hide your wound not your style”. I love it! They have styles for teens girls, teen boys, and little guys and gals. They even have a style that comes with a special pen for you to decorate yourself. This goes into the category of WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? They come in a really great tin box for only $5.
  • CoCo Press Journals and StationaryThese beautiful hardback journals are small enough to tuck into a stocking yet tailored for each recipient. Looking for a gift for a traveler, cook, reader, musician, teacher, or wine connoisseur? Do you know someone who loves beautiful stationary? The stationary is just gorgeous. The books are not only so pretty…they are really handy too! Some are lined for ease of entry, others are blank to spark creativity. They will be filled with special memories in no time. At only $10 each…they will look like you spent much more!



  • Toothy FrogI love this little guy! For only $6.50 he packs a big punch. He is a bottle opener and coaster – plus he is magnetic and is always waiting on your fridge for you. Your guy will love having the Toothy Frog around….and you will love never having to remind him to get a coaster.






December 13, 2007. shopping.

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