What am I (still) running with now?

The good news is that I am still running!! The scary news is that my half marathon is only one month and one day away!! Can you even believe that my mom started all of this? She requested that her 4 daughters run the Disney Half Marathon with her for her 65th birthday. Now I know what they mean when they say people tend to not think straight when they get old!! Just kidding Mom! I’m still pounding the pavement and trying out lots of new things in the process.

  • Hornet Juice – This is a performance enhancing amino acid supplement powder. The super cool thing about this stuff is that it actually uses your own reserves of fat and converts it into long-lasting energy! I’m all for converting my fat into just about anything:) You mix one packet with 8.5 ounces of water or electrolyte drink and guzzle it down 0 to 30 minutes before physical activity. Bottom line…you drink this stuff and you will run your butt off…literally! It has a grapey taste that was a little gritty…but hey, this stuff gives you some energy!



  • Urban Tool Sport Holster – I have had a few very chilly days out on the trail…some of my winter running pants don’t have the great pockets that my skirts have. This sports holster has a place for everything! A retractable key holder, reflectors, a pocket for my mp3 & cell phone. It is super lightweight…you forget you are wearing it. This vest hugs your shoulders and leaves your arms free to move. I think it looks pretty cool too!



  • Venture Design Works – They have some of the most ingenious products. My personal favorite is the Free Hand. This is like a fingerless glove with a pocket built into it! It is perfect for when I want to go out for a run and only want to take my cell phone. It is super light and breathable. I also like the Sleeve Bot. This is a neoprene bottle cozy that keeps your bottle hot or cold…however you like it. It is really light and also keeps your water bottle from getting all drippy.


I will keep on truckin’….

December 11, 2007. shopping. 3 comments.