Radio Thursday – Great Kid’s Gifts

I get asked all of the time for great “out of the box” gift ideas for kids. Here a a few that I love…

  • Boon Animal BagStuffed animal storage & a comfy seat all in one! Every kid has a bunch of stuffed animals….every kid love a bean bag type chair. Why not combine the two? The Boon Animal Bag is an oversized, plush bag that has a large zippered window on the top of it. Children can fill the bag with their stuffed animals and then rest and relax on the soft seat that the filled bag creates! It comes in four different styles – and will create something out of all of those stuffed animals. For $59.99 this is a great gift idea!


  • Peek-a-boo bags This is a simple, entertaining, and educational toy that doesn’t require batteries or electricity. This soft pillow like toy has a is like a portable “I Spy” game. Your kids simply look through the clear window for letters, trinkets, an surprises. Choose from the girl, boy, or ABC version and let the hunting begin! This would be great for a car trip or to keep in the diaper bag for instant entertainment. They are small (about 6.5 inches) and super soft corduroy…and are only $15 each.



  • Streamline NYC Clocks These old fashioned alarm clocks are completely updated with great graphics and super cool sounds. Wake up to the sound of dogs barking, traffic, dinosaurs,bees, or pirates. They have so many styles and sounds to choose from! Kids will feel grown up with their own clock and have fun while waking up. They come in great colors to match the hippest kids room. They are only $16 each!



  • Ozel Skateboard Bag – The coolest way to tote your skateboard around! This messenger style bag not only holds your skateboard…it also holds your phone, mp3 player, and everything else. Kinda like a “man bag” for teen boys!! It makes it easy for them to carry their skateboard when they are in areas where they can’t ride. They come in a bunch of colors and styles and start around $24.00.


  • HowtoonsThis is the coolest comic book that I have ever seen! It is also full of really cool science experiments. This book teaches kids how to take ordinary items from around the house and turn them in to extraordinary things. Some of the things you will learn how to make include an underwater scope, a turkey baster flute, even a motor! The cool thing is that the kids don’t really know that it is educational. Available for $15.99.



  • Room it UpKids love decorating their room. Room it Up has so many fun decorating and organizing items in super chic patterns! Pick your pattern and go crazy!! You can get everything from a shoe organizer to a lap desk. My favorites is the Handy Hold All. This is a great way to store handbags, hats, or scarves. You hang it on the back of your door and simply snap in your purse…awesome!! I also love the super cute travel accessories for girls….gotta start them out in style!



December 6, 2007. shopping. 1 comment.