My favorite food group

Popcorn. It pleases everyone (except the Dentist). It can be salty, sweet, covered, rolled in a ball or hung on a string. What a great snack …it should be one of the food groups.

I think this pink Hello Kitty popper is awesome!! Put this on my Christmas list…


Oh my…a popcorn fork with a built in salt shaker….awesome!


Caramel Popcorn Reindeer Treats…super cute!


The creme de la creme of popcorn….The Popcorn Factory’s box of 18 assorted flavors of popcorn. It includes Caramel Apple, S’more, White Cheddar, Jelly Belly, and tons of other flavors. Oh Santa, put this under my tree…I’ve been very good….




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Radio Thursday – A very “personal” Christmas

I know how much each and every one of you loves anything and everything monogrammed and personalized. What a way to wow your gift recipient…make it personal!! Look at what I found for you….

  • Custom Made For Kids Personalized children’s book. You simply fill out a questionnaire …email it to them…and presto…an amazing personalized book lands in your mailbox! This book was so cute. It was a high quality hardback book with great illustrations. The book is called The First Adventures of Incredible You. It is all about your child’s world…what they like to eat, where they play, and who they live with. I still remember getting my first personalized book when I was little – The Adventures of Ytak the giraffe. Get it? Ytak is Katy spelled backwards. Well, my first book looked like someone sat down and actually typed it on a typewriter. These are high quality professionally created books. Man times have changed! Order one for your little one for only $32.95…they will love it forever. I can’t wait to give my little buddy Cooper his copy!



  • Sweet Arts Designs This site has so many amazing personalized items for kids that it is really hard to pick my favorite. The T-shirts and bags are great, the note cards are super cute…but my favorite is the personalized alphabet book. This is a soft or hard cover book that is personalized on the front with your child’s first name. What I love about it is that you can order it bilingual. Yes, you can choose either Spanish, French, or Italian! What a great way to introduce a child to another language. I also like the fact that you can choose your cover color – pink, green, or blue. These are great little alphabet books. I had a pink French & English book made for Caddy’s daughter Olivia – Merry Christmas Olivia!!



  • Kind Living Designs Again…where to begin? Another site that I just love! I had a long chat with the owner of this company and I really like her style. She is super friendly and has come up with some of the neatest gifts for kids. She really has put a lot of thought into them. I ordered a personalized binder for Cooper (yeah, I like to spoil him) and not only did a super sturdy binder come with Cooper’s name on it….it was filled with all kinds of things to keep him happy while he is on the go. Paper, stickers, crayons, glue sticks….on and on! The fabric that is covering the binder reminds me of the kind of stuff that backpacks are made out of. Very sturdy. I had to get a little something for my house too…I picked out a personalized journal for Riley. It has a picture of a little girl chef on it and it says “Chef Riley”. Now she has a place to write down all of her recipe creations. What I like about this cover is that it can be used over & over again. It fits over a regular size composition book. You have to go look at her site…she also has Bible covers, party favors, hair bows, totebags….and a ton of other stuff.



  • Preppy Parade Minky Wrap This is the softest thing I have ever seen!! It could be the cutest thing I have ever seen too. This ultra soft generously sized towel wrap would make the best Christmas present! This is truly one of those items that you would not buy for yourself but could never live without after having one. Look how cute mine is….I just love it! I’m sure you have an In-law, sister, or BFF that deserves one of these under the tree.



  • The Polka Dot PressHere are my picks from this amazing site. For my Mother-in-law I picked out personalized recipe cards with a matching notepad. They are super cute with fun little green polka dots on them. They came packaged in cellophane bags tied with a lime green ribbon. All ready for giving! I even found a gift for Riley’s male teacher on this site. I ordered Mr. Jones a cute little personalized notepad with a male teacher on it. They even put the name of his school on the bottom! They are so generous over at the Polka Dot Press that they want to give all of you a 15% discount on your entire order – simply put in the code KS15 at checkout. Thank you!!!


  • In The Pink Designs Amazing photo jewelry!! How cool is this…a photo on a piece of sterling jewelry? She will take your photo..tweak it…and create the most beautiful show stopper with it. I sent in two photos of my girls…she combined the photos so they look like one photo with both of the girls in it and made it into a sterling silver Tiffany style necklace. Let me tell you…I get compliments every time I wear it. She can also turn your photos into bracelets, rings, and tidbits. Tidbits are my favorite. These are sterling silver Croc shoe adornments that have your photo on them. I have both of my dogs on my Crocs! Again, I get so many compliments on these pieces…this would be an amazing gift for someone special. How about Grandma? Why not get yourself one too?



  • The Paper Menu Wall ArtThese are available from FineStationary.Com. Another great site for gifts! When I found these simple, beautiful, framed monograms I was ecstatic. What a great gift idea for babies, newlyweds, or anyone who loves a pretty monogram. They come framed for only $35.00 – how great is that? They have many different styles & colors to choose from…I’m sure you could find one for everyone on your list. I found one that matched my kitchen perfectly – Merry Christmas to me!


  • Cayenne Paper With a name like that you know this site is HOT! Just incase it isn’t so hot where you live check out the monogrammed scarf sets. The pink plush set include the gloves & a monogrammed scarf for only $24.00! It is super duper soft too. I was thrilled when the weather got cold enough for me to wear this. I got the girls some too. Riley loves her pink striped set…a hat, scarf, and gloves for $32.00. I don’t even have to remind her to put them on…she can’t wait to wear them every time she heads out the door. I can think of lots of people that would love to receive one of these sets for a gift!



  • Stacy Claire Boyd The queen of all things monogrammed! Beautiful amazing colors & patterns, unique and innovative ideas….pure heaven for a monogram maven like me. I was first draw to this company because of their beautiful personalized paperweights. You pick what you would like to have on them – name, initial, photo, special date, monogram, etc. Then comes the hard part…choosing the beautiful pattern. Floral, plaid, striped, dots…and so much more. So many people will be getting these this year. While searching for my paperweights I came across a site called Pen&Parchment that sells Stacy Claire Boyd….there I found personalized candy bar wrappers for the holidays by Stacy Claire Boyd. What a great idea! I ordered a set of these to pass out from our family…a great alternative to Christmas cards. You can order them all made up or you can wrap them around the Hershey bar yourself. You can get 10% off of your order through the month of November at Pen & Parchment by entering the code Nov10 at checkout.


  • Pierce Point Laser Shhhh…don’t tell Riley…I ordered her a set of Personalized Spatula Set. Her lime green spatula set has Chef Riley engraved on it. She will love them! I also ordered a Rolling Pin Recipe Card Holder for my mother-in-law…two more great gifts!! This site has a ton of unique personalized gifts.





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Free Day!!

I stumbled across a site called Organized Christmas…it is awesome! They have a bunch of free forms to download – Gift lists, menu plans, baking plans, housekeeping plans, decorating organizers…and on and on. They also have recipes for gifts in a jar, crafts, and pages for the kids. It will certainly help make the holiday planning a bit more organized.

Free Martini CD from Van Gogh Vodka. Free Auto Air Freshener.

Sometimes a “white Christmas” is the last thing you need…Free sample of Loreal Anti-Dandruff shampoo.

I have featured Bath Body Junky before…I love their products. You can get lots of freebies from them if you sign up for their club. I just got a $25 gift free…all I had to pay was shipping.

Three free samples from Kroger – Huggies, Kotex, and Nicoderm.

Free Emergen-C – you can get this free they will even send it to a friend for you. Heck, you can stuff it in stockings 🙂

Free Tennis Ball Chair Slipper Samples. Enter code 10SSE7.  These really save the floors at school!!

Free Maybeline Foundation sample.

Enjoy the freebies…please make sure to tune into KICKS 101.5 tomorrow morning for KatyShops Live! I am going to share some awesome personalized Christmas ideas!!

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Who’s Thinking Stocking Stuffers?

I found the greatest site the other day for stocking stuffers. It’s called eBubbles. They have so many cute things…and the prices are great!

I love this little manicure set for only $6.50


Festive holiday band-aids for only $5.00


Cute little gingerbread soaps for only $5.00


Look at these holly leaf soaps….


Swedish Elf Soaps for kids


And you can get free samples with every order!!

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A little something…

I’m sorry…I have not been able to post much lately…I promise to jump right back in…after today! I have been super busy with the Thanksgiving holiday – we had Mike’s parents in town and were very busy!! I did want to tell you about my coolest find this weekend…at Walgreen’s of all places! Dry Nail Color Enamel Strips by Incoco. These are 100% nail polish stickers that you just peel off and put on your nail. It contains the color and a top coat. I put mine on in under 5 minutes and they are holding up great! You don’t have to worry about smudging them, getting nail polish on your skin or cuticle, or waiting for them to dry! This is my new favorite thing. A set of 20 nails costs $5.99 and each application is supposed to last for 14 days. This is a lifesaver for me…I have never been good at doing my own nails.


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Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for all of my fabulous viewers!! Have a great Thanksgiving!


***If you are wondering…I ran my 5K in 29:40 this morning***  I actually placed 14th out of 139 in my age group***

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I can’t wait to try this..Simply Gargle. I can’t wait for Mike to try these…do you think they would FedEx them to me??

Free Starbucks $10 gift card…yay!

Buy one Cold Stone Creation and get one free with this coupon.

Full size Neutrogena product..while supplies last…hurry up!

I’m sorry…thats all I have for today. I have been super busy getting ready for company, baking, and cooking for the big Thanksgiving Dinner. KatyShops will be taking a day off from Radio Thursday this week…instead I will be running the Gobble Jog (5K) with my father-in-law. Wish us luck!!

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What I am thankful for…

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my little pal Winnie, and Cindy too! Here is how I would like to show some of you my gratitude!

Madison – You have been such a great baker lately…for you…this really cool cake pan. Its perfect for you and me…I always want a sliver and you always want a hunk!


Riley – you make the best eggs every weekend…I love how you always “kick them up a notch”…these egg rings will let you kick it even more!


Mike – For you and your beverage….its nice to have it handy (and you are soooo handy)


My sister Jenny – you are the only one I know that would get excited over Gingerbread cleaners! This is for you…because you help me clean up my “messes”


My Mom – I am thankful that you are back from your trip to Italy safe and sound…for your next trip…


My friend Jill – This warm cozy blanket is to keep you warm while we have our long talks on the telephone about everything. You are the only person I know that could keep this blanket perfectly white…


Oh, there are so many people that I am thankful for!  I would list them all but then this post would go on & on….Thank you to everyone who is a part of my life – I love you all!!!


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Some more great presents

Last week I highlighted a few things that I have posted about before…kinda like a refresher course for Christmas! Here are a few more items that I think would be fabulous gifts…

The cupcake deck. Be daring…just pull a card out randomly and bake it!! What a great gift…give the deck with some cool cupcake liners (I love the new silicone ones)


One Girl Cookies – The first thing I noticed when my pumpkin whoopie pies from One Girl Cookies arrived was the gorgeous packaging. They arrived in a Kraft colored box adorned with a vintage photo from their own families and a paper band tied closed with a ribbon. I was impressed. The next thing I noticed was the fresh baked aroma coming from the box…sorry guys..but I ripped right through the paper band and ribbon to get to the whoopie pies! Inside the box my petite little whoopie pie was hand wrapped in a cellophane sleeve and tied with a pretty blue ribbon. The real prize was inside the cellophane…cream cheese frosting sandwiched between two fabulous pumpkin cookies/cakes. Oh, I can’t even begin to describe the yummyness! They also make a wide variety of cookies and will even make custom party favors for you. Anyone would love to receive a box from One Girl for Christmas!



  • Jules “Obi” Belt – I found this beautiful 100% silk striped obi belt at she complete and fell in love. It is actually an updated version of a traditional Japanese obi. Not only is it super cute and comfortable…it actually enhances your waist. It is so versatile – you decide where you want it and tie it on! The hardest part was choosing from the beautiful selections of silk stripes. Here’s a shocker…I decided on the fuchsia and green! The perfect gift for your BFF!


Sassafras cooking kits for kids – These little cooking kits are awesome! How many kids have their own battery operated ice cream maker? For only $20 your little one can make ice cream using a few simple ingredients! It is so simple…and yummy too! Riley loves the pizza making kit – it comes with an apron, pizza pan, pizza sauce, crust mix, rolling pin, wooden spoon, measuring cup and recipe! They have many other kits available from cookies to french toast. Each kit contains ingredients & utensils so that your child can create something that they are proud of! Cooking is very fun and also very educational for kids.

sass.gif sass1.gif


  • The American Tailgater – This site has so many unique items! My husband has the magnetic coozie and uses it all of the time. He sticks it to the grill, his lawnchair, the refrigerator, and anything else that it will stick to. It is truly one of his favorite things that we have given him. Another cool product from The American Tailgater is the Ring Bottle Opener. Your guy can just wear this ring on his finger and never have to look for an opener! For only $9.95 it will quickly become his favorite piece of jewelry (after his wedding ring of course).


  • Light Affection – This company has a patent pending totally awesome way of taking your photograph and putting it in a lighted frame. Here is how the web sit describes the process, We start with a piece of an extremely durable material with somewhat of a marble feel to it. The piece is then carved, based on the photograph you send us (the original photograph isn’t damaged). Due to its translucent nature, holding the piece to the light will create an illusion of a Photo. The carving process itself, for each Light Affection piece, takes a few hours. Let me tell you…the piece that arrived at my house is beautiful! It is a a masterpeice…and for only $39.95. This will be the gift that everyone is talking about! This is an amazing personalized gift for not a lot of money!


  • The Gorillapod – This bendy little tri-pod will secure your camera to pretty much everything. The flexible legs can wrap around anything. This is a great gift for a dad who is always snapping pictures…now he can get in the photos! You can pick one up for as low as $21.95.


  • Pint Pal – There is nothing better than eating ice cream right out of the pint container…until now! The Pint Pal is a neoprene coozie that holds a pint of icecream. This product is genius! Now your ice cream stays cold, your hand stays warm, and your guy stays happy. Each pint pal is only $2.75 – what a great gift this would be with his favorite ice cream.


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This is clever. Almost makes me wish I had a radiator.


How come the men get all of the pockets? Look at this evening dress with pockets. Thanks hon, I’ll carry my own lipstick. Clever.


For dogs who travel. Clever!



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