Radio Thursday…a few of my favorites

I always try to put my goodies in special categories for you…but these are some of my favorite things that I want to tell you about. So here it is…a wide range of awesomeness!

  • Electra’s Monograms Monogram stickers for everything!! You can put these on candles, your car, your mailbox, lampshades…you name it. I put one on my daughter’s headboard. Honestly, you need to go look at her site…you will be so inspired. They are so easy to peel and stick, you can monogram anything in minutes. This is truly one of my all time favorites!



  • TSP spices How many times a year do you use sage? Not very often. You know spices go bad after you open them. TSP to the rescue!! These are pre-measured packets of high quality organic spices. Just open the tin, pull out a packet…and use it! You still have 11 more packets to go. You can pick from 6 different spice collections that come with 12 each of 6 different spices. The sweet basics collection would be perfect for all of your holiday baking – anise, allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. How perfect! They come in really cool looking metal tins that look great in your kitchen.



  • Candle Belts I love this idea! Add fun and fashion to your plain old candles. These are cute little ribbon “belts” for your candles. You can choose from preppy to whimsical…and everything in between. The chocolate brown and blue one in my dining room gets a ton of compliments. These make great hostess or teacher gifts.You can use them over and over again…just slip them on any candle. What a great way to update your decorating.




  • ZakkerzDon’t you just love when someone comes up with a solution to a problem that we all have? Zakkerz are one families solution to the problem of not being able to the same pair of pants with different height shoes. If a pair of pants fits perfectly with your awesome stiletto boots…the pant legs will drag when you try to wear the same pair of pants with your cute little ballet flats. Not anymore! Zakkerz are a temporary pant roll-up wrap that stays put with hidden magnets. Simply roll your pants up and put 2 Zakkerz on each leg. Problem solved. Genius. $24 for a set of four (enough for a pair of pants!).



  • Strappy’sFace it. Sometimes your bra strap shows. Strappy’s are interchangeable bra straps that are made to show! They come in many different styles from beads and rhinestones to shimmering jewels. Now you won’t be embarrassed when your bra strap shows…in fact, you will want it to show! When used with a removable strap bra they look stunning. Start thinking of your holiday dresses…get a Strappy to match.



  • Bosom Button – Have you ever tried to pin your shirt at the top so that you don’t show everyone whats under your shirt? Trying to hide the safety pin is pretty much impossible. Busom Buttons are pretty pins that keep your shirt from flapping open. They are so easy to put on…you will throw all of your safety pins away. They start at $12 and come in a huge variety of colors.


  • Clingy Thingy Labels – Convenient stick on drink identifiers! These are residue free adhesive stickers with a multitude of different little pictures on them. Simply have your guests pick an illustration and stick it to their glass. I have even used these when my girls have friends over – you can stick them to water bottles and soda cans too! Only $7.99 for 48 labels. You can even reuse each label. Don’t forget to stock up on these before all of your Fall & Holiday get togethers.




October 4, 2007. shopping.


  1. Sarah replied:

    Love all the wardrobe “fixes” this week!

  2. Sammy replied:

    I love my bosom button and was so happy to here you speak about it on your show. I got mine in Cumming from a perfect gift, what a great idea.

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