Radio Thursday – Traveling

Ahhh, I just returned from vacation! Vacations are great…they are even better when you are prepared and can pack smart. Here are a few handy items to take on your next trip.

Girly-Twirly – When I received the Weekender Duffle in Chocolate & Hot Pink from Girly-Twirly I couldn’t wait to pack my bag! I even had my monogram on it – you know how much I love monograms. Not only is this bag super cute…it is just the right size for a short trip or a carry on bag, and very lightweight. You can pair it with a matching cosmetic bag, tennis bag, or even a travel cup! I have a monogrammed travel cup that goes perfectly with my bag!!



Melissa Beth Designs– “Your make-up case should be just as fab as your handbag!” That is why I love the Kiss and Make Up Case. Not only is it fabulous looking, it is extremely functional too. It has tons of zippered compartments, removable pouches, and brush holders.


If you are toting around a laptop make sure to get a really cool case for it! Melissa Beth has great ones. I love this one:


Flex Flop – The first emergency flip flop! These adorable flip flops fold in half and fit into their own zippered pouch – this means you can always have them handy. Are your heels driving your feet crazy? Want to take your shoes off on the airplane? Feel a sudden urge to walk on the beach? All good reasons to have a pair of flex flops nearby! They come in a ton of cute styles and colors, they even make them for special occasions and bridal events.


In order to pack light you need to take things that are versatile. The following products give you many different looks.


Reverse-a-Purse – Each Reverse-a-Purse is actually 3 looks in one, with the possibility on many, many more options. The purse comes with a reversible cover for two great looks or you can take the cover off and use the purse in black. You can purchase different covers to match anything you own! Each purse is very high quality…these were not sewn in someones basement! I love the detail of the buttons that hold the covers on – they look like the buttons from a pair of jeans. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this bag! Not only will it match every outfit that you own, you can also get the matching Reverse-a-Tote and have your tote bag match your purse! The Tote is a new product that will be added this month…be the first to get it! The tote is perfect for the traveler – it even has a water resistant liner! Both the tote and the purse zip closed for added security. Please be patient with the site…it is under construction and will be up an running by July 26th. You can still pop in and take a sneak-a-peak at it! I also have to mention that this is an Atlanta Company *Whoo-hoo*


Onesole – I always pack to many shoes. They make my bag heavy and take up all of the space! Onesole is here to help…just take one shoe that has interchangeable tops to match everything! From rhinestones, leather, monograms, sports teams…I could go on and on, they have it all! Each top snaps securely onto the shoe. They are ultra comfortable and really fun to wear. I am hooked!


Z Becky Brown – This is a crush proof totally customizable purse that is stunning! It is made from a natural polymer that is super durable with fabric inserts that can change the look of the purse in minutes to match everything in your suitcase! You can either buy different inserts or make your own out of fancy paper with the templates provided. Its great for you scrapbookers…you can create your own scrapbook page for your handbag! You will never run into anyone who has the same purse as you and you will always receive a compliment when carrying this handbag. You can actually design your own bag online – picking your buckle, handle, and insert!






July 5, 2007. shopping.


  1. Belle replied:

    The Onesoles are an absolute hit around here! There is even a place in town that is monogramming (gotta love that) the plain black “top”! It looks too cute. My friends that have them adore them and say they are very, very comfie. (((hugs)))

  2. katyshops replied:

    I have to confess…I have a pair that is monogrammed! What do you expect from a girl who has a pink monogram on her green Volvo?

  3. Whoelsale Handbags replied:

    Nice Posting !, thanks for sharing its

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